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Middle Volga Oil Refining Research Institute PJSC

SvNIINP (Middle Volga Oil Refining Research Institute) carries out scientific research in oil refining. This relates to the development of up-to-date procedures for the production of high-quality lubricants, additives and bitumen. The Institute conducts quality monitoring and research of refined oil and process support of production and obtaining commercial petroleum products. Work is underway on import substitution of lubricants in corrosion control.

The experimental production of the Institute specializes in the production of oils and lubricants using its own methods, as well as the wholesale sale of these products in Russia and the markets of the near and far abroad. An important advantage of Institute is the possibility of producing the products developed in its own pilot production.

SvNIINP's own production includes more than 50 types of oils and additives:

  • industrial oils (IGP, ILS, IGS, etc.);
  • electrical insulating oils;
  • power and preserving oils and liquids;
  • process oils and liquids;
  • fire-resistant oils and liquids;
  • additives;
  • reagents and inhibitors;

A number of oils have no counterparts in Russia, for example, MDPN-S synthetic oil developed by SvNIINP;

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