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RN-Lubricants Oil Plant in Ryazan

Ryazan Oil Plant was established on May 1, 2005 on the basis of Ryazan Oil Refining Company and Ryazan Petrochemical Plant (Rosneft Oil Company).

Ryazan Oil Plant of RN-Lubricants is a diversified enterprise that includes the production of more than 1,000 types of lubricants for various purposes.

The production volume of the commercial oil blending plant is up to 60 kt per year.

Control at all stages of production - from the base oil and additives to the marketable product, packaging and shipment to consumers - is a guarantee of high quality of manufactured products.

Product quality control is carried out by an up-to-date testing lab - Quality Control Department, which is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009. The lab has unique equipment and high-precision analytical instruments, including the ones for determining the elemental composition: atomic adsorption spectrometer, infrared and ultraviolet spectrophotometers, allowing for more than 250 types of analyses daily.

The development of new types of oils is carried out with the participation and approval of major Russian enterprises for the production of engines and cars: AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Avtodiesel (YaMZ), etc. and leading research institutes VTI, VNIINP.

Quality Management System has been implemented and successfully certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 International Standard at this RN-Lubricants plant. Its continuous improvement is annually verified by expert auditors of SGS, the global leader in certification.

The company implements a program of technical re-equipment in order to improve the quality of finished products that meet the increasingly demanding requirements of manufacturers of modern equipment.

Product range:

  • engine oils Rosneft Magnum Ultratec C3 (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Ultratec A5 (ACEA A5/B5), Rosneft Magnum Ultratec FE (ILSAC GF-5), Rosneft Magnum Ultratec A3 (ACEA A3/B4), Rosneft Madpim Ultratec (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Racing (API SN), Rosneft Magnum Coldtec (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Runtec (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Maxtec (API SL/CF), Rosneft Magnum Cleantec (API SJ/CF), Rosneft Maximum (API SG/CD), Rosneft Standard (API SF/CC), Rosneft Sahara (API SC/CA), Rosneft Revolux D6 (API CI-4), Rosneft Revolux D5 (API CJ-4/SM), Rosneft Revolux D4 (API CI-4), Rosneft Revolux D3, Rosneft Revolux D3 LL (API CI-4/SL), Rosneft Revolux D2 Plus (API CH-4/SJ) Rosneft Revolux D2 (API CG-4/SJ), Rosneft Revolux D1 (API CF-4/SG), Rosneft Diesel 3 (API CI-4/SL), Rosneft Diesel 2 (API CH-4/SJ), Rosneft Diesel 1 (API CF-4), Rosneft Diesel Motor (API CD), Rosneft Revolux GEO, Rosneft Revolux GEO Plus, Rosneft Revolux GEO CS (API CF) for GEOs, for two-stroke gasoline engines Rosneft MOTO 2T, etc. Multigrade engine oils for V, V2, G2, D, D2 group engines.
  • Rosneft Express flushing fluid;
  • Gear Oils: Rosneft Kinetic ATF Type T-IV, Rosneft Kinetic ATF III Synt, Rosneft Kinetic ATF III, Rosneft Kinetic ATF IID, Rosneft Kinetic UN (API GL-4/5), Rosneft Kinetic Hypoid (API GL-5), Rosneft Kinetic MT (API GL-4), Rosneft Kinetic UTTO (API GL-4), Rosneft Kinetic TM-3-18 (API GL-3), Rosneft Kinetic Catran (API CF, CF-2) etc.

Wide range of hydraulic, compressor, turbine, gear, quenching, circulation, general purpose industrial oils and metalworking lubricants.

The quality of Magnum and Revolux oils for modern passenger and commercial vehicles is confirmed by leading manufacturers of automotive equipment: Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda), Porsche, Renault, Volvo, AVTOVAZ, MAN, Cummins, Mack, MTU, Deutz, KAMAZ, Avtodiesel, etc., which approved the use of these oils in their passenger and commercial vehicles.

Products of RN-Lubricants are supplied to the regions of the Russian Federation, countries of the Customs Union, near and far abroad. 

Detailed information on RN-Lubricants products:

Contact Details

Legal Name: RN-Lubricants LLC
Director General: Kuzmichev Alexey Sergeevich
Address: 8 Yuzhny Promuzel, Ryazan, 390011, Russian Federation
Secretary: tel./fax: 22-77-77 ext. 214